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Is white and black girl sex hot to you?
Me and my friend want to put a show on for our boyfriends, "if mines allow :(" and i was wondering is that hot, we think so.
Why do some idiots think that having sex with a black girl will give them a rash?
I hear some guys saying that they once had sex with a black girl and got a rash on their penis because of our pubes...or something stupid like that. I've never had this problem with a person that I've had sex with...where is this coming from?
Really?! I've never heard that..I've had sex with a black man before and I never got a rash. That's not even a logical statement. Maybe that particular girl gave them and STD or something, but it had nothing to do with race because STD's do NOT discriminate. Ugh, I hate idiot. =(
I had sex with a Black girl, What are the chances she can get pregnant?
But the guy might not be mine.
Am I racist if I would only have sex with a black girl not date or marry?
If I was given the chance to have a one night stand with a high quality black woman I would take it. But I would not make her my girlfriend or ever marry one and settle down with one. Am I racist?
What high quality black woman would have sex with you?
Why is it that some guys will only ever have sex with a Black girl, but not DATE/marry one?
I've noticed this a lot, can someone explain it to me please?
mmm because i think they like them and think there attractive but then when it comes down to it
they dont wanna get married to a black women because they want to have white guyern or there parents arent into interracial couples things like that though im not sure why they would choose to have sex with someone that they dont wanna keep around i dont get guys though so iidk
The Maury show is 100 percent real why are 14 year old black girls having sex?
My cousin is 14 her name is Kia 2 years ago when she was 13 she will turn 15 this year she went on the Maury show she had sex with 20 guys and she beat her mom,this was a family discussion that my realatives had,but I was watching recent Maury episdes and a black girl hadsexfor a cheeseburger pair of sneakers hair weaveand just with alot of guys why?
Double Cheeseburger wit bacon.

lol, I watched that episode!

(BTW: The only thing that is 100% Black on the Maury show are the Paternity tests)
What is the difference between having sex with a white girl and black girl?
pretty self explanatory. how the the vaginuhs stack up?
Vagina's come in different sizes, shapes, color, temperature...So it's hard to tell you unless you try both of them and see.....btw what do you mean by "Vaginuhs stack up"??
I need to settle this debate. sex with a white girl vs black?
ok my friend and i were just sitting there and he did the thing with his tongue to his cheek sybolizing giving head. (im black and he's white) and he said "it'd be different", and i knew he was obviously talking about me giving him head, a black girl, verses a white girl giving him head. so i said "no it wouldnt be". and then he's all like "so would sex" and then he goes on and on about it, and we have this huge debate wheather having sex with a black girl would be different then a white girl. i told him i have dated both races and they were both different but all relationships are different, and that sex is sex black or white. he still begs to differ. is there really some huge difference that im not seeing? i mean im still a virgin but a girl is a girl were all different sizes and shapes, we all have different levels of experience. why would race determine how different or how good sex should be for that specific person??

another thing that bothers me. a lot of white guys will be interested in me. they cut to the chase getting to the sex topic saying "i've never done anything with a black girl" its a recycled phrase for me by now, and that it'd be a new experience. like really what difference does it make? im JUST A GIRL. would any other white guys do this just for the experience? it really sucks having a guy want you for sex just cuz of your race. i know by now to stay away from them.

If you are basing the level of skill with race, that's a problem.

It should be different with everyone. We're all individuals, right?

When they 'cut to the chase', they are telling you they want you to be the one who fulfills their 'jungle love' fantasy. I'd be offended. If you meet a guy you like who doesn't say that, choose him instead and leave the ones 'cutting to the chase' to find another black girl to use.

You don't deserve that.
Doe sex feel different with a Black Girl then it does with a Mexican or White Girl?
I just wanna know the feeling during intercourse If it is better or not?
Well my boyfriend would say a black girl lol because he is dating me!! (he is white btw) but he sure does love my goodness haha
Is it racist to want to have sex with a black girl after watching kanye wests music video for gold digga?
somebody said i was racist and i want to prove them wrong in a composed and non rude manner
I really do not understand where you would get the idea that you are racist because you see a hot black chick and suddenly want to have sex with her. I really don't understand what your "friend" was thinking saying that you were racist, i really don't think any of you have any idea what racism is.

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