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What do you think about custom design naughty cakes, choc. candies, or wedding cakes for the gay/lesbian?
I would like to sell some of the chocolates in a Gay/Lesbian book store as well as a Erotic book store. I really think they will sell. I also would like to design a wedding cake for the gay/lesbian couples.
I've been gay for 30 years and never bought nor considered a naughty cake. I did attend one party in college where a naughty candle was used on a cake, but that's it.

You would need to have a pretty large client base, such as might be found in SF, LA or NY. I would suggest visiting some other naughty bakeries in your area to determine how well their product sells - after all there are more heterosexuals than homosexuals.

As to wedding cakes, nice idea. But apart from two grooms or two brides, what separates a gay wedding cake from a heterosexual wedding cake? Again, I think other bakeries might be a place to start researching, especially on price points.
Has anyone had a gay/lesbian wedding in victoria, bc?
My partner and i are getting married there but looking for somewhere really good to have out ceremony
Beacon Hill Park is lovely. Great backdrops for pictures &
very close to the ocean. Grand Pacific Hotel. Buchart
Gardens is stunning, located 30 min from downtown.
Bear Mountain Resort. Victoria has world class golf
courses with wonderful facilities as well. You're welcome
to contact me with a little more detail. I live in Victoria &
am happy to help visitors.
Who wants to go to a gay/lesbian wedding?
Have you ever been to one, how did it feel?
Why do gay couples spend less money for their wedding than the straight couples?
I would never go to one.
I went to one of my cousins. She called it a committment ceromony. It was unlike any I'd ever been to. Partly because they were two women and yes, at first it was a bit strange, but also because it was not your every day same old same old....bride cuts the cake....throws the bouquet...blah, blah, blah. Too many "weddings" are exactly alike.
This happened to be the most fun wedding (whatever u wanna call it) I've ever attended. The whole thing was held outdoors and after the ceromony everyone changed into casual clothes, ate BBQ, went swimming, danced, played cards and drinikng games. It really was a blast. After attending, I told myself when I get married I was going to have the same kinda thing....except the only difference being..I'd be marrying a man.
Gay/lesbian wedding attire?
Does anyone know of any companies that sell wedding attire for gay weddings/civil unions?
Depends where you are in the world, but this site may help if you are in the UK:
Gay and Lesbian Wedding Jewelry?
Does anyone know the name of the Jeweler (featured in the Advocate a few months ago), to get wedding bands?

It was for gay and lesbian couples, and was something like "Aviator" or "Aviation" and a number.

Or any other jewelers that specialize in gay and lesbian wedding bands/jewelry.
If you go to a small private gold/silver smith, they will be able to create anything you desire.

We have done everything from wedding anklets to tiaras.

Personally, I think it is a fantastic way to share your love. Nothing is more special than a handcrafted work of art.
What are you going to wear on your lesbian/gay wedding?
And let's just say that it's a given that you will have one.
I've noticed that many women try to somewhat copy the heterosexual traditions, i.e. wear a tuxedo and a wedding dress, and the one with the wedding dress always gets escorted to the one who wears the man-suits. I think they probably would feel awkward wearing two dresses. But then I think, why do they have to wear dresses to begin with? I mean after all,isn't a wedding dress just a heterosexual tradition? I think since us queers don't (unfortunately) have wedding traditions (yet) we should take advantage of that and try to be creative about our weddings! What do you think you would want to wear (whether you're a girl or a guy)?
I think I'd wear the same thing as my bride and that would probably be something similar to this:…
It's a rainbow dress, and although i'm androgynous I wouldn't mind wearing a dress.
Well, what would you wear?
I'd like for my partner and I to wear complementary tuxedos. I think that's a lovely dress your planing on wearing (or something like it)
When gay and lesbian couples get married illegally, do they wear their wedding rings on their right hand?
This question isn't meant to offend anyone, I was just wondering. Considering that gay and lesbian marriage isn't legal in all states, do they sometimes do this as a symbol? [A form of rebellion? lol] This is just from personal observations, I could be totally wrong. If anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks!
No, why would they? Married couples don't have to wear rings, it's not part of the law, it's just tradition.
In a lesbian or gay wedding ?
What does the minister ask?

"Do you Jane take Joan to be your lawfully wedded wife?" and if so what does he call the other woman?
So are they now pronounced wife and wife? or does one get to be the husband?

Same with guys "Do you take this man as your lawfully wedded husband and take this man as your lawfully wedded ????"

Or did they have to change the whole traditional wording to include new terms to define what you are?
Of course it's going to be different than the "traditional" wedding. They may have to tweak some stuff.
Is it impolite to turn down an invation to the wedding of a close Gay/Lesbian friend?
My close friend, who happens to be gay, has decided to get married. I have no problem with the fact that he is gay or that he is with his partner, but I am against his marriage for religious reasons.

Do I have choice of not attending the wedding, even though he has been a close friend for a long time? He has just never gotten married before--so this is a new one for me!

What should I do?
Yeah it is not polite. You should support the love of your friend. People are busy however and do not support other people all the time. There is no sense of community in this world, so I am sure that this would be expected in this world. You will probably just not have as many friends if you do this. It is your choice. How much is this going to hurt you by going? How much more is this going to hurt your friend by your not going? Think about it.

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